Weekend in Belgrade – A Mini-Guide

Just in case you haven’t made plans, here’s our mini-guide to a great weekend in Belgrade.

The ambience in Toro, a restaurant in Belgrade

The interior of Toro

Friday Night
If you don’t yet have dinner plans our recommendation for tonight is Toro in Beton Hala (see map below). Toro, by renowned international restaurateur, Richard Sandoval, is one of those rare treats in Belgrade where the food and atmosphere blend together to make for a unique experience. The interior is a fresh mix of different, highly modern styles but the lighting really brings together this eclectic layout. The Latin American influence on the food is strong but the variety, from deconstructed sushi rolls to mouth-watering steak, is likely to please all palettes.

After dinner, why not take a short walk to Mikser House (see map) to catch Kokan Mladenović’s hugely popular theatrical adaptation of Lars Von Trier’s Dogville. The show starts at 9pm and tickets (1,000 dinars) are still available for reservation from the Gigs Tix box office.

Exhibition of Russian avant-garde art in Belgrade

Russian avant-garde art

A great way to while away an afternoon is the exhibition of Russian avant-garde art in the Museum of Yugoslav History (see map below). The exhibition has been travelling around Europe as part of the centenary celebrations of Malevich’s Black Square going on display. We visited the exhibition last week and enjoyed it immensely. A good tip is to ask one of the volunteers to take you on a guided tour and explain the significance of each artist in the Russian avant-garde movement. Tickets are 400 dinars per person but they also give you access to the House of Flowers (Tito’s mausoleum).

If you do head down to the Museum of Yugoslav History, you might feel like you’re too far from town for a quick spot of lunch. Never fear, however, as you’ll be in the right neighbourhood for the fantastic Mydan cafe and restaurant in Senjak (again, we’ve provided a map below). We like Mydan so much you’ll probably see members of the Living in Belgrade team in there. If you’re feeling like something healthy (don’t worry, we’ll recommend something a bit sturdier for Sunday lunch), try their wonderful and filling salads and freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Saturday Night
Film & Chips, festival of British film in BelgradeBack in the centre you can try and catch one of the films at this year’s Film and Chips festival of British cinema at Dom Omladine (The Belgrade Youth Centre, see map below). On Saturday evening you have a choice of four films:

5.00pm – A Royal Night Out
7.00pm – Slow West
9.00pm – Departure
11.00pm – London Road

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more energetic than a movie, Dom Omladine is also hosting a festival of punk, hardcore and heavy metal music, the Belgrade Riot Fest. For a list of bands and ticket details check out our Event Calendar.


Lovac, a Belgrade restaurant specialising in game dishes

The Lovac Resaurant

Sunday’s are for taking it easy, so we recommend a peaceful stroll around Vračar’s Karađorđev Park (see map below), taking in views of the Hram – it looks like being a wonderful afternoon for that (if weathermen are to be trusted), with sunshine and crisp cool air. This should help you to work up a fine appetite so, for Sunday lunch, why not continue your stroll through the streets of the Vračar quarter to Lovac (see map below). This is a kafana that is on a journey to becoming a very pleasant restaurant but has not yet completely lost it’s kafana-like atmosphere. Lovac is something of a Vračar institution and well-to-do families from the area flock here, partly because the restaurant’s speciality is a range of delicious game dishes. Order whatever takes your fancy, you simply can’t go wrong.

Sunday Evening
For something a bit different (dare we say alternative), the cafe-cum-art gallery-cum-language school, Topolska Osamnaest (as ever, there’s a map below), has is screening Michael Winterbottom’s 2015 film, The Emperor’s New Clothes, featuring Russell Brand. The film’s free but the drinks aren’t!

There you have it, a proper Belgrade weekend! We hope you enjoy it.

Toro Restaurant, Beton Hala

Mikser House

Museum of Yugoslav History

Mydan Restaurant, Senjak

Dom Omladine (Belgrade Youth Centre)

Karađorđev Park

Lovac Restaurant

Topolska Osamnaest

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