Weekend in Belgrade – A Mini-Guide

Our Last Tango, a film at the Magnificent Seven festival in Belgrade

Here’s our regular mini-guide to having a great weekend in Belgrade:

Friday Night
There’s no contest here, easily the best way to spend your Friday night in Belgrade this week is to head down to the Sava Centre and catch the opening ceremony and first film of the superb Magnificent Seven Film Festival! Click on the link for details of all the films. Tickets are just 400 dinars – a bargain considering the festival is bringing Europe’s best documentary films to Belgrade!

Here’s a map to the Sava Centre:

Proleće, a traditional urban kafana in Belgrade


The weather in Belgrade is predicted to stay clement throughout the weekend so get yourselves down to Kalemegdan to enjoy those famous views over New Belgrade and the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. For a spot of lunch, why not some traditional Belgrade fare in Proleće, just a short walk from Kališ (the local nickname for Kalemegdan Park). Yes, yes, we know we suggested a kafana lunch last week but it is increasingly looking like Proleće will close down so this could be one of your last chances to dine at this wonderful urban kafana – one of the last good one’s left! Also, we love Proleće and the food is good so you can’t go wrong.

Here’s how to find Proleće:

Saturday Night
Looking for an amazing party for your Saturday night? Well, we’ve got a good one for you. The Monsun club is hosting a clutch of superb techno DJs for a night of fantastic music called Slave to the Rhythm. The music starts at 11pm and the DJs are TKNO, Phill & Dansmore, Kent Explain and Groovytech. Monsun is at number 3 Travnička but here’s a map anyway:

Drvo Javorovo, a Belgrade bar frequented by expats

Drvo Javorovo

If you feel like grabbing a drink to get you into the party mood, the friendly and buzzing Drvo Javorovo is just the perfect bar for that.

We’re well aware that Sundays are for relaxing and taking it easy so sorry for coming up with such a busy one. We’ll probably give you a rest next weekend.

Druga Piazza, an Italian restaurant in Belgrade

Druga Piazza

So, take advantage of the warm weather and stroll down to the banks of the Sava (on the Old Belgrade side, obviously, we’re not so sadistic we’d send you across the river on your day of rest). Stroll along the quayside from any direction you like but make sure you end up at Beton Hala and nip into Druga Piazza for lunch. Ok, sure, it is a bit fancy-schmancy for Sunday lunch but, here’s the thing, you have got to try this pizza. It is probably the best in Belgrade… if not the best pizza this side of Rome. We promise it’s worth the money.

If you’re thinking that this is all a bit too much for your relaxed Sunday stroll, walk straight past Beton Hala and up the big stairs (they’re genuinely called velike stepenice in Serbian) and grab lunch at Velike Stepenice – no, they weren’t too imaginative with the name but you’ll find it offers a more relaxed atmosphere and fantastic views of the river.

Here’s how to get to Beton Hala:

Sunday Night
For an early bite to eat – assuming you’re not too full from lunch – drop into Berliner, in the heart of the Savamala quarter, for hand-made German-style sausages, chicken wings and superb beers. This should set you up perfectly to continue your evening in Savamala and, guess what, we’ve got something for you just a couple of doors down:

US stand-up comedian, Matt Davis, is coming to Belgrade as part of his marathon A World in Jest world tour. He’ll be performing at the Ben Akiba Comedy Club and tickets are still available – call Ben Akiba on this number for reservations (the staff speak excellent English): 060 30 60 131

Tickets are just 200 dinars and doors open at 8pm (so make sure you’re done with your German sausages and beer by then)

Check out the promo video for Davis’ world tour here.

Here’s a map to Braće Krsmanović, the street where you’ll find both Berliner and the Ben Akiba Comedy Club:

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