Weekend in Belgrade – A Mini-Guide

Belgrade's Ada Bridge at dusk

Welcome back to our regular weekend in Belgrade mini-guide!

With so many different things on in Belgrade this weekend, we’ve got a pretty varied mini-guide for you!

Friday Night

Tonight at 10pm in its Amerikana hall, the Belgrade Youth Centre (Dom Omladine) is hosting a hip-hop and R&B spectacle! The DJ collective VATRA (DJs byp_, Inspektor, Фake Casual & 50Grass) is celebrating its fifth birthday and will be putting on a night of hip-hop tunes that will keep you dancing late into the night. Over the last five years VATRA have become famous for their amazing parties, which regularly fill out all the Belgrade clubs that matter. VATRA will be supported by US music producer JustBlaze who, as well as being an incredibly successful DJ in his own right, has worked with famous names like Jay Z, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Usher, Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, The Game and many others. Tickets are 1,200 dinars on the door.

Central Belgrade is awash with options for food or beers before the gig but for convenience and a taste of real Belgrade kafana life, why not pop into Mornar, just across the road from Dom Omladine. Here you can drink and eat and smoke to your heart’s delight before heading across the road.

Mornar is here:

Saturday Daytime

Belgrade's tourism fairBelgrade’s annual tourism fair is on at Sajam (Belgrade’s poorly named “Fair” – really an exhibition complex)! It was opened yesterday by Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, who said – to paraphrase – that this is one of the rare occasions in Serbia when nobody is overly concerned about contradictions between East and West, between Moscow and Washington.

From a visitor’s perspective, the tourism fair can be a great opportunity to pick out a holiday destination or simply be inspired to travel and dream of visiting exotic destinations. Just as importantly, if not more so, it’s a chance to try free nibbles from around the Balkans and beyond. Tickets are 300 dinars per person or 200 per person for group tickets. The fair is open from 10am to 7pm.

Last year there was so much free food and drink on offer we didn’t bother going to lunch but, if you’re not so easily satisfied, head to Brodić for some tasty pizza and a couple of beers (they have Paulaner and Zaječarsko on tap) while enjoying views of the Sava. It’ll be sunny tomorrow but, alas, probably a bit too cold to sit outside so we’ll revisit Brodić when the weather gets warmer.

Brodić is here:

Saturday Night

Apocalypse Now, showing in BelgradeFEST (Belgrade’s annual film festival) starts next week so we thought we’d get you warmed up with dinner and a movie.

The movie? Well, there’s a fantastic double bill at the Museum of the Yugoslav Film Archive (number 11 Kosovska) as part of their series of Marlon Brando films: Apocalypse Now is on at 6pm and Last Tango in Paris is on right after at 9pm. Obviously, not everyone will have the stamina for that much Brando, so we recommend picking a film and grabbing dinner either before or after.

Sticking with the Italian theme (if you did drop by to Brodić for pizza in the afternoon), a good place to go and discuss the movie you’ve just watched is Pomodoro.

They do a great range of pizzas and pasta dishes and the atmosphere is great – very laid back and easy-going. If you’re stuck for something to order, you can’t go wrong with the spicy but insanely tasty Mafiosa pizza.

Pomodoro is here:

Sunday Daytime

Sunday afternoon is shaping up to be the perfect kind of day for a walk on Ada (Belgrade’s riverside recreation area). The weather is, we’re told, going to be mild and sunny but hopefully not quite warm enough for crowds of winter-shy Belgraders to descend on Ada’s pathways and cafes. So, with a bit of luck, you could be in for a nice walk without the hassle of having to share it with thousands of other people hell-bent on enjoying themselves come what may.

Smokvica restaurant on Ada in BelgradeAda is wonderful this time of year – especially if the weather is dry – because the cafes and restaurants aren’t yet too full to be enjoyable. And, if you’re looking for somewhere to have a nice Sunday lunch, we’ve got the ideal place! Smokvica, yes, of Kralja Petra-fame, has a relatively new restaurant at Ada. It’s the same wonderful range of world foods, combining Eastern and Western flavours – and, yes, they still have the Smokvica burger, one of Belgrade’s best – except that you can enjoy all that while looking at Ada’s calming waters and greenery rather than the hustle and bustle of Upper Dorćol.

Smokvica on Ada is here:

So, there you have it, another mini-guide to a great weekend in Belgrade. We hope you have a good one!

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