Weekend in Belgrade – A Mini-Guide

The interior of the Little Bay restaurant, Belgrade

Welcome to our regular mini-guide to your weekend in Belgrade. We’ve got a good one for you this week!

Friday Night

The Guarnerius Art Centre, BelgradeWell, how about an evening of culture tonight? The incredibly talented violinist, Dušan Panajotović, is playing at the Guarnerius Art Centre tonight at 8pm. Tickets are just 200 dinars and free for students! Panajotović will be performing a selection of Brahms and will be accompanied by pianist Ivana Pavlović.

To get you in the mood for some fine music in a wonderful Baroque hall, the perfect dinner recommendation has to be Little Bay! Quite apart from being in the spirit of a cultural evening, Little Bay offers a unique dining experience you simply can’t find elsewhere in Belgrade and is just down the road from the Guarnerius Art Centre (click on the Little Bay link for a map). Little Bay is managed by an international restaurateur who also has successful restaurants in Brighton and London. In addition to the unique ambience, the menu is varied and interesting and you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the food.

The Guarnerius Art Centre is here:


If you haven’t yet been, there’s still a chance to catch the Mihajlo Pupin exhibition at the Historical Museum of Serbia. Mihajlo Pupin was a Serbian (and, we’ll grudgingly admit, American) physicist and chemist known for his numerous inventions and patents. Along with Nikola Tesla and Milutin Milanković, he is remembered as one of Serbia’s greatest scientists. In gratitude to his contribution to science and to commemorate 80 years since his death, the UN declared 2015 to be Mihajlo Pupin year – which is why the exhibition was organised. Entry is just 200 dinars and the exhibition is open from 12 noon to 7pm.

Food at the W Sushi restaurant, Belgrade

The food at W Sushi

If you do opt for an afternoon at the museum, this will put you within easy reach of Skadarlija and all the delights thereof. But, since we’re recommending Serbian food for Sunday night, and if you’re in the mood for something lighter, why not stroll down Knez (the local nickname for Knez Mihailo Street) and head to W Sushi in the newly reconstructed Vuka Karadžića? This isn’t just a sushi restaurant, they pride themselves on a blend of Asian flavours and styles, which means there’s something there for everyone. By the way, they also make some mean cocktails… if you’re in the mood for a lunchtime drink!

W Sushi is here:

Saturday Night

In case you didn’t know, the sixth is Bob Marley day so what better way to mark the occasion than to head to the Božidarac club in Vračar to listen to Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft perform a Marley tribute. Tickets are 500 dinars on the door but it’s going to be totally worth it!

Božidarac is here:

Why not come along and muck in with our effort to clean up the Sava riverbank near Kalemegdan? Any help would be most appreciated and you will also have the satisfaction of having spent your Sunday doing something useful for the city and the environment. We’re meeting at 12 noon along the Sava quayside – for all the details click here or head to the Living in Belgrade facebook group. Here’s a map to help you get there:

If you do come along to help, we recommend grabbing a quick bite to eat somewhere along the way… We’ll all be too dirty for a proper lunch after the clean-up anyway. Don’t worry, we’ll make it up to you with a great restaurant recommendation for dinner!

If, after all, you’re not feeling up to cleaning away other people’s rubbish this Sunday, the Yugoslav Film Archive (more info in the link) is hosting a triple bill of movies in memorium of the death of David Bowie. The three films are: The Linguini Incident (1991) at 4.30pm; The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) at 6.30pm; and Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (1983) at 9pm. The programme starts at 4.30pm and tickets are just 150 dinars per film.

Sunday Night

Futsal Euro 2016 continues! If you haven’t been to a game yet, this is a great opportunity! Sunday night’s games are Croatia v Russia (6.30pm) and Czech Republic v Italy (9.00pm). We recommend the first one, mostly because Russia are among the top futsal sides in the world and Croatia have been working on their futsal side in recent years so this is likely to be a good match-up.

Also, crossing the river into New Belgrade will put you within easy reach of probably one of the city’s best Serbian cuisine restaurants. Durmitor is in a rather non-descript part of New Belgrade but it’s still well worth going there, just for the food! You can’t go wrong if you order something ‘ispod sača‘ (this means it has been slow cooked in a pot lowered into hot coals). We recommend the mouthwatering veal, ispod sača!

Here’s how to get to Durmitor (the restaurant, not the mountain chain):

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