So, You Want to Raise Children in Belgrade, Huh?

Raising children in a foreign country could be a bit scary. Or, maybe not…

Now, for starters, I started the research for this topic for my dear friend, Tissa. She? due in the next couple of weeks. While she? currently back in the UK, she plans to come back to Beograd to rejoin her Serbian husband when Iva, the soon to be born buddle of joy, is old enough to travel comfortably.

She asked me a while back if I knew anything about the pros and cons of babies in Beograd ?means are there changing tables in restaurants, the issues of dealing with strollers, etc. So I dug a little.

I figured this might be a great topic as I, too, would like children in the near future. Plus there are bound to be dozens of other foreigners wondering what it? like to tote children all about the city.

One this I did find is that changing stations are not announced like you might find in the UK or US. Usually though, there is room in the bathrooms to change diapers in most places. However, this does not account for all places.

You? l have your best luck mostly in the center and possibly the bigger malls. I suggest making sure one of the staples you carry about in the diaper bag is one of those roll-up changing mats that are meant for just these situations.

Another situation brought to my attention was the ease of strollers around the city. Now, strollers are quite easy to manage on all streets and sidewalks throughout most of the city. The biggest complication can come getting on and off transport ?especially if it? just momma and child. However, I have noticed every time I? out and about that and see a woman with a stroller someone, male or female, ALWAYS lends a helping hand with her stroller to get it on and off any transport. I will say that it is much easier to do so with buses and trolley buses. Avoid the actual trolleys if you can. The entrances are more narrow and they are a steeper include when trying to quickly get in and out with child and belongings.

With strollers, you?l also have to watch some store entrances in locations Knez Mihailova. There is generally a small step up into the stores. This is not near the trouble like transport. However, if you aren? used to paying attention for such things, then you might want to start paying attention to your usual destinations to see how the doorways are structured ?steps, width of the door, how the door stays open, etc.

Another thing I did find while looking about for pregnancy tips and tidbits was a ?regnancy school?located in Zemun. I do not know anything personally about the location, only what the website and translations offer to divulge. The school information can be located at The name of this school is ?chool for Pregnant Women Psychophysical Preparation for Childbirth.?

While this is only the icing on the cake for the issues that pregnant women might encounter throughout the city, I hope this at least begins to break the ice. All in all, my general opinion is that there won? be as many issues at a beautiful pregnant woman might think there could be. Luckily, Serbs are generally generous enough to help out with strollers and doors so this should not discourage you from children or exploring the beautiful city that is Beograd!!!

If you have any question on the topic, email me at and I’ll do my best to help you!

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