SkyDive Serbia

Skydive BelgradeEstablished in 2004, SkyDive Serbia is the oldest and most successful skydiving club in the Belgrade area.

The centre only employs highly qualified and experienced staff and specialises in providing tandem jumps. The atmosphere created by this team of skydiving specialists is relaxed, friendly and very welcoming.

The SkyDive Serbia skydiving centre makes use of top-end gear and adheres to the highest standards, so whether you’re a beginner or a licensed competitor, they can adapt their service to your needs.

The centre is located at the Lisičji Jarak airfield – just a short ride from Belgrade city centre (see the map below).

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SkyDive Serbia
Address: Lisicji Jarak Airfield (see map)
Phone: +381 (0)11 227 14 57
Mobile: + 381 (0)63 567 001

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