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Erin's Fiddle Dance Show celebrating the Belgrade Irish festival

When I think Ireland I think endless green, jolly curly-haired folk, the rich flavour of creamy stouts and, obviously, Colin Farrell. Usually you’d have to pay for a pricey plane ticket and eat a couple of packets of peanuts before you could breathe the Irish air but, in March, Ireland is coming to you. So, fasten your seat belts, our destination is a few weeks of pure fun and culture. And if you happen to not remember part of it due to a tad too much Jameson, just tell yourself, ‘that’s how the Irish roll’.

Erin’s Fiddle Dance Show

The first stop on our route is Erin’s Fiddle dance show. I have personally seen this delightful dance troupe on stage several times and I can positively say you won’t be disappointed. Their concerts feature eye-catching flashy outfits and skilful young dancers dancing to well-known folk tunes that are sure to make your feet move. You might even find yourself wanting to give it a go and that’s fine too because Erin’s Fiddle dance school also offers courses for people of all ages. If you have time, grab a ticket and come support Erin’s Fiddle on 22 February at 8:30pm in Dom Omladine (address: 22 Makedonska).
Click here for more information about tickets.
For more information about Erin’s fiddle and available courses visit their website: or go to their Facebook page.

Belgrade Irish Fest
Musician Dylan Kavanagh playing at Belgrade's Irish festival

Dylan Tighe

The next stop on our ride is the 5th annual Belgrade Irish Festival itself, which takes place from 6-22 of March. The festival kicks off with Irish dance workshops held by renowned dancer and choreographer, Jean Butler, who’s most famous work as a dancer was on Riverdance where she danced side by side with the universally famous Michael Flatley. The workshops are aimed at intermediate level dancers, so if you’re not skilled at ‘1-2-3s’, ‘drum’ or ‘treble’, you have until the next year to up your game – but for now, come see Jean perform. If you think yourself more of a salsa dip than a salsa dance person, you might find this next part very inviting and mouthwatering. Irish deli Monday @ KC Grad, Irish fried breakfast every morning for the duration of the festival @ Smokvica or Jazz brunch with O Bato @ Hotel Park… or why not all three, as the Spanish say “barriga llena, corazón contento” (a full belly makes a happy heart). And now that we’ve eaten generous amount of beef stew and topped it off with a sturdy stout, why not wind down with sounds of traditional music with Dave Donohoe and Trish Hutton or the mellow indie sounds of Dylan Tighe? Or you might prefer a different kind of artistic stimulation such as an exhibition by Conor Ferguson, or maybe a film by David Caffrey?

And this is just a preview of what’s to come! For further information about events and schedule, keep checking

Orthodox Celts
Belgrade Irish folk-rock band the Orthodox Celts

The Orthodox Celts

As our clover-bannered train reaches its final destination, we cannot NOT mention the always spectacular Orthodox Celts. They are well-known for their light-hearted performances, which have repeatedly unified people of all ages in joint ecstasy for more than two decades. If you like a merry atmosphere, goofing around or singing and dancing until you drop, this is the place to be. In case you’re not familiar with this Irish folk/rock band, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time for you to learn their songs and prepare for a sing-along on St. Patrick’s day, 17 March at 9pm in Dom Omladine (as you know, the address is 22 Makedonska).

Click here for more information about tickets.
For more information about Orthodox Celts, check out their website: or go to their Facebook page.

If you happen to stop by any of those events, look out for me, I’ll be the girl in green glitter and a leprechaun shirt. Come say hi and let’s have a drink, it is after all, pint o’clock. Sláinte*!

* Irish Gaelic word for Cheers

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