Night at the Museum in Belgrade

For the 14th year in a row, for one night only, museums will keep the whole of Serbia awake late into the night.

For years now, the Night of Museums has been the country’s most popular cultural event, proving that museums and cultural heritage are not forgotten. During last year’s European Night of Museums more than 1,900 museums from 45 countries joined in the promotion of Europe’s invaluable cultural heritage.

Kids being entertained during Belgrade's Night of Museums

Night of Museums to kick off across Serbia

From 5pm to 1am on Saturday 20 May, more than 40 towns across Serbia will throw open the doors of their cultural institutions, museums, galleries and exhibition spaces, attracting crowds with more than 450 events. The epicentre is of course in Belgrade which, in 2005, joined more than 120 cities world-wide in hosting this is unique cultural spectacle, and which will this year participate with 67 institutions holding 136 separate events.

People on a tour of Belgrades museumsThis year’s Night of Museums presents participating cultural institutions in a new guise, newly established institutions, seeks to break down barriers and promotes cultural heritage. As in previous years, the Night of Museums will open the doors of new spaces and previously unknown venues and tell stories about the people, events and architecture of our city. Visitors will also be given an opportunity to create their own itinerary, which could include Viasat History’s Untold Stories, modern art exhibitions and contemporary cultural events.

The overall theme of this year’s Night of Museums will be “Revolutions Great and Small”, taking a look at the changes that have influenced the arts as well as the lives of ordinary people. Revolutions of all sizes often provoked distrust in those experiencing them, regardless of the political or social changes they precipitated, be it the women’s skirts or a new music scene enthralling the nation’s youth. This year’s focus will be on these kinds of revolutions, including a close look at the 20th century’s most notable revolutionaries.

“The overall theme will bring to mind the revolutions of the 20th century and prompt visitors to remember these revolutions in the context of a new age”, says Ana Petrović, founder and director of the Night of Museums in Serbia.

Program Highlights

The Republic of Korea is the official partner of this year’s Night of Museums. Thanks to this partnership, visitors will be given an opportunity to see a unique exhibition by Korean artist, Hee Sun Lee, which was also hosted by the Louvre Museum in Paris last year. The exhibition is inspired by hanbok, the traditional Korean costume, also a source of inspiration for a collection created by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the first issue of Mikhail Bulgakov’s book “Master and Margarita”, the Night of Museums will exclusively showcase an exhibition dedicated to this novel and its writer. Jelena Martinjuk, an award-winning photographer, will also exhibit her photographs that tell the story of Bulgakov and his masterpiece. Visitors will also be able to see exhibitions dedicated to the revolutionary theories and teachings of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

Kids with wonder on their faces during Belgrade's Night of MuseumsThis is one of those nights when you can definitely let your kids stay up late as the organisers have prepared a magnificent series of tours targeted at children. The little ones will have an opportunity to learn all kind of interesting stuff through play and contact with historical artefacts. From the history of toy making and great stories in the Belgrade Zoo, to wonderful adventures in Belgrade’s public aquarium and tropicarium and many more.

The Night of Museums takes place all over Belgrade on Saturday 20 May from 5pm to 1am
Tickets are available from Eventim (price 450 RSD in presale and 500 RSD on the night).

For more info visit the Noć muzeja website or check out their Instagram page.

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