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Dobrica Cosic nominated for Nobel Literature Prize

Dobrica Cosic nominated for Nobel Literature Prize

Mr. Jaric, who has launched the initiative to nominate Cosic for the Nobel Literature Prize, said that the Serbian Association of Writers was the main nominator and that the nomination was signed by 28 academics, writers, philosophy and math professors.
Some of the co-signers are writers Matija Beckovic, Rajko Petrov Nogo, Miroslav Egeric, President of the Academy of Republic of Serbia Rajko Kuzmanovic, and other prominent public figures such as Emir Kusturica, Sinisa Kovacevic, Jadranka Jovanovic, etc.

The Committee for the Nobel Prize in Literature will select between 15 to 20 candidates for that prize and then shortlist five of them in May.

During the summer, 18 members of the Swedish Academy will be studying the work of all nominees. After a series of meetings in September, at which the Academy members will be discussing everything they've learned about nominees, the winner will be selected in October.

Learn more about Mr. Dobrica Cosic .


Belgrade, February 16, 2011

Dobrica Cosic nominated for Nobel Literature Prize
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Dobrica Cosic nominated for Nobel Literature Prize
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