New Yugonostalgia Tour – In a Yugo!

yugo_gv2The founders of iBike Belgrade, who brought cycle-tourism to the Serbian capital, now offer a new tour of the city, focusing on its past as the capital of a much larger country, Yugoslavia.

The new venture, Yugotour, will take participants on a journey through Belgrade’s communist-era days in a communist-era car, the Yugo. Each tour will start from the Museum of Yugoslav History.

“Visitors are very interested to learn about Yugoslavia and Tito, but there is hardly any way to do so in Belgrade. I believe there is only one proper way to see and discover all these places that tell the story of Yugoslavia: in a Yugo car!” said founder of Yugtour, Ralph van der Zijden.

Van der Zijden, an energetic Dutch Belgrader, has a history of reinvigorating the city’s tourist potential with iBike Belgrade and also with a cycling festival, Beograd Velograd. This new tour should not only attract more visitors but could also help to spur on new initiatives by Belgrade’s other tour operators.

The new tour will be launched at KC Grad in Braće Krsmanović on Sunday 31st of May.

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