Knight Fest in Belgrade

Belgrade’s by now traditional Knight Fest is a great spectacle and a superb way to spend your free time. It is held on the children’s holiday, St Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday in the Belgrade Fortress (Kalemegdan).

Knights battle it out in Belgrade

What is Knight Fest?

The main purpose of this medieval mini-festival is to connect the modern age with the magic of the age of knights. It is a great way to experience the fascinating knightly tournaments, from periods like those of Serbia’s Stefan Lazarevic (i.e. from the time of the medieval Serbian kingdom before the Turks came along to spoil everyone’s fun). The festival also gives kids a chance to play thematic computer games, to learn about medieval theatre and to wear and see medieval garments, but also to stay in touch with the latest modern fashions.

The slogan of the festival is “Boys and girls become princes and princesses!”, conjuring up a modern and realistic interactive fairytale for all participants – both parents and children. At the same time the organisers aim to educate participants and give them an opportunity to experience something new.

The Changing of the Guard

A knight showing off his chainmail to childrenAll visitors are free to take part in the ceremony of the changing of the Knights’ Guard, a perfect opportunity to take a picture with the knights, to see all their weapons, coins, shields and armour. The tournament will feature demonstrations of battles, swordsmanship and armoured fighting, horseback riding and archery and there will be a chance to taste medieval food and snacks. In a special cultural corner you can attend the lectures by middle ages experts, historians and archaeologists and also see documentaries about knights.

Several musical acts will also play during the festival, including: “Biber”, the “Renesans” ensemble, Bora Djordjević, Jovan Maljoković, Egor Streljnikov, Tanja Andrić and Snežana Babić.

The Knight Fest is supported by HRH Princess Linda Karadjordjević and her sons, Princes Mihajlo and Djordje. The Royal Knight Order promotes chivalry in order to bring together history, culture, sport, music and the dramatic arts and that is why you shouldn’t miss this highly educational and, above all, unique event.

Knight fest is going to be held from 8-9 April.

The ceremonial procession starts from the Trg Republike at 12 noon on Saturday 8 April. All subsequent activities will take place in the Kalemegdan Fortress.

All programmes are free.

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