From Italy With Love

Two Italian women strike out as entrepreneurs and open the first authentic Italian gelateria in center of Belgrade, ConAmore

What’s more Italian than ice cream?

The mere idea conjures up images of sunny beaches, warm sea breezes, and lazy afternoons along the Mediterranean coast. Linda Forlani and Greta Aeillo, the two Italian ladies who’ve adopted Belgrade as their home, considered many different businesses before arriving at the idea of opening an Italian ice cream parlor – a gelateria – here in Belgrade.

“Serbia welcomed both of us so warmly and we wanted to bring something from our homeland here,” Linda said with a smile.

Real Italian ice-cream at the ConAmore gelateria
They brainstormed a few different possibilities along the way. “There are already a lot of good restaurants and more than one person we know who imports Italian products for sale here.” Besides, according to both Linda and Greta, what they wanted to do was not only about business.

When they came up with the idea of the gelateria, the excitement grew immediately. They named it “ConAmore” which means “with love” in Italian, because this is exactly what they were pouring into the new venture. Linda and Greta had never been entrepreneurs before. They had had different jobs here and in Italy, they were both raising children, but both wanted to give something back to their home-away-from-home. Something given “with love”.

Open since May on the newly renovated Obilicev venac, ConAmore is a fully Italian gelateria. With some key ingredients imported from Italy, a well-known gelato chef from the family of Milan-based and globally present Chocolat, ConAmore is infused with all the flavour and feeling of the best gelateria in Rome, Milan, Positano, Naples, and Venice.

Simply put, ConAmore is about gelato as it was meant to be.

In looking around the city, there are several other ice cream places with different specialities. Many have attracted a lot of customers and offer their own brands. But ConAmore has the idea of bringing gelato back to its origins.

With a wide palette of traditional tastes – vanilla, dark chocolate, lemon, pistachio, amarena, fragola, and many more – ConAmore strives for the pure love of good ice cream. A place to enjoy and forget about the troubles of the day, a place to meet friends, have an espresso or cappuccino, and of course choose a gelato!

Sgroppino, a kind of icecream drink made in a gelateria


Aside from their delicious ice creams, Linda and Greta have introduced other offerings to bring the taste of the Italian summer to Serbia.

One is the “affogato” – a scoop of vanilla ice cream in espresso. Another is the “sgroppino,” which is a treat originating from Venice and is based on lemon sorbet with grappa and topped up with sparkling prosecco.

Kids are also happy to find a variety of milkshakes and to try a “frulatto”, an ice cream smoothie with fresh fruits.

With the ice cream season just kicking off in Belgrade, Linda and Greta look forward to many happy moments at ConAmore and are already quickly becoming a regular stop for any stroll through the centre!

Gelateria Italiana Originale

Obilicev venac 21
Opening hours: 12.00 – 22.00 every day

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