Five Belgrade Bars for Good Beer

Finding a bar with a great range of good beer hasn’t always been an easy task but it’s definitely getting easier. That said, it still helps to have a few pointers. Here’s a quick list of five of our favourite bars to head to if you’re looking for something a little bit more exotic than the standard local brews or if you just want to be sure that the beer you’re going to be drinking is top notch!

Samo pivo

Samo pivo a Belgrade bar

The name says it all, of course: beer is this bar’s priority (samo pivo means, literally, “just beer”)! And with over fifty varieties of beer, they’re definitely good at prioritising. Without a doubt our recommendation goes to the excellent range of Serbian-brewed craft beers by Kabinet (our favourite is Kabinet’s consistently excellent IPA).

Here’s how to find it:

Prešernova klet


Prešernova klet is like a traditional kafana with a pulse! It’s powered by the Black Turtle pub chain who brew their own locally-made craft beers and they have a great selection. It isn’t always available but if it is, definitely try their pale ale (can you see a theme developing?). Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with the Black Turtle Stout (always on tap)!

A map to good, locally-brewed beer:

Miners Pub

Miners Pub Belgrade

Miners Pub has an awesome range of beer and the atmosphere is great – catering to a young, hip crowd of fun-loving beer drinkers. We would love to recommend a particular beer but there are too many to choose from so you’ll just have to go down there and pick one out yourself! Should you need any more proof, a friend visiting us from the north of England found a beer brewed in his small (and otherwise nondescript) home town!

The map:

Cigla & Krigla

Cigla & Krigla Pub, Belgrade

Cigla & Krigla is one of Belgade’s newest pubs but it already offers over 40 different beers and the owners are looking to expand this even further. The range includes craft beers such as Tron, as well as a huge selection of imported beers and local brews. For a touch of Yugonostalgia, try Belgrade’s own BiP beer on tap.

In case you lose your way:

Staro Mesto

Staro Mesto bar and cafe in Belgrade

We liked Staro Mesto so much we were actually thinking of not including it in this list and keeping it for ourselves! From the outside it looks like a nice enough local Dorćol cafe but it does everything so well you’ll just want to keep coming back. The staff create such a laid-back atmosphere you’ll easily forget you’re not in your own living room (but with beer on tap)! And now we’re on the subject of beer, it isn’t one of those places with a range of thousands of beers from around the world. They have beer from just one brewery, Bernard from the Czech Republic. Bernard beers are brewed by the family brewery in the Vysočina region and they aren’t pasteurised so you’re enjoying a fresh, genuine beery taste with each glass.

It’s right across the road from the Miners Pub (see above) but here’s a map anyway:

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