Crnotrava Street under Reconstruction

road-works-at-Zemun-1The City of Belgrade Traffic Department has announced that a section of Crnotravska Street, running between Borska Street and Bulevar oslobodjenja, is closed off to traffic from now until August 4th due to reconstruction of the pavement.

Upon reaching the interstections of Crnotravska Street and Oslobodjenja Boulevard and Crnotravska Street and Borska Street vehicles will be redirected to the following alternate route: Bulevar oslobodjenja – Bastovanska Street – Borska Street- Crnotravska Street.

Due to the named roadworks, changes are in effect in public transportation routes as well. Buses riding the routes of lines Numbers 47 and 48 upon reaching the segment between the intersections of Bulevar oslobodjenja Blvd. and Crnotravska Street will take the following route in both directions: Bulevar oslobodjenja Street – Bastovanska Street- Borska Street. Buses riding the route of Line Number 50 on the segment from the intersection of Bastovanska Street and Borska Street to the intersection of Kumodraska Street and Kruzni put Street have changed their route in both directions to be as the following: Bastovanska Street – Bebelova Street – Vojvode Stepe Street- Ljuba Vuckovica Street – Zlarinska Street – Kumodraska Street, from where they continue moving along their regular route. The local buses will use the existing public transportation stops along the alternate routes and the temporary stops in both directions that have been set up in Bastovanska Street in the section between Paunova Street and Vracarska Street.

The buses riding on the lines numbered 400, 401, 402, 403, 405, 406, 407, 408, 503 and 504 will be passing along Bastovanska Street and Bebelova Street up to the Vozdovac Terminal upon reaching the intersection of Bastovanska Street and Paunova Street and so in both directions. The vehicles taking this alternate route will not be using the existing public transportation stops. The buses riding the route of Line Number 78 upon reaching the intersection of Crnotravska Street and Borska Street and further ahead up to the intersection of Bastovanska Street and Paunova Street are to take Borska Street and Bastovanska Street in both directions. Trolley lines Numbers 40 and 41 are temporarily being shortened to only as far as the old turning point located in the district of Banjica. A temporary local bus line number 41A, riding on the route from Banjica to Banjica 2 has been set up and will be taking the following route: Banjica – Crnotravska Street – Borska Street – Bastovanska Street- Paunova Street- Banjica 2.

The ongoing reconstruction which is taking place in Save Maskovica Street will be completed before the start of the roadworks in Crnotravska Street. In the meantime, the reconstruction of the segment of Kruzni Put Street between Vojvode Stepe Street and Kumodraska Street is continuing as was planned.

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