The Fair & Square Hostel in Belgrade

RECOMMENDED: Fair & Square Hostel Belgrade

Fair & Square Hostel Belgrade is located just outside the city centre, in a pleasant residential area. Like many other Belgrade hostels, it is clean and comfortable with modern, well-furnished rooms. What really sets it apart and why it is...

Monmartre Hostel Belgrade

Monmartre Hostel Belgrade is one of the city’s most popular hostels and with good reason. The hostel offers guests a cosy and laid-back atmosphere and is generally comfortable, clean and user-friendly. As well as offering a whole host of...

Belgrade Modern Hostel

Belgrade Modern Hostel is a centrally located, well-appointed hostel that makes sure it caters to all of the needs of its guests. It has female-only dorms, mixed dorms, lockers and just about every other amenity a weary traveller needs. Belgrade...

Chilton Hostel Belgrade

Chilton Hostel Belgrade is almost more famous for it’s excellent bar than for the hostel itself. It’s a little out of the centre, in the up-market (for Belgrade) Vračar quarter, but it’s surrounded by cafes, bars, theatres and...

Hostelche Hostel Belgrade

Hostelche Hostel Belgrade is a fun and lively party hostel located right in the city centre. Perfect, if you’re looking for somewhere to start your nights out or for somewhere to nurse your Belgrade-sized hangover. Hostelche Hostel Belgrade...

Skadarlija Sunrise Hostel Belgrade

The Skadarlija Sunrise Hostel Belgrade is located right in the heart of the city, in the Bohemian Skadarlija quarter, and is a well-appointed hostel with a pleasant atmosphere. Skadarlija Sunrise Hostel Belgrade Address: Skadarska 15 Phone: +381...

Hedonist Hostel Belgrade

Hedonist Hostel Belgrade Address: Simina 7 Phone: +381 (0)11 328 47 98 Mobile: +381 (0)64 262 09 99 Email: Web:

Downtown Hostel Belgrade

Downtown Hostel Belgrade Address: Karadjordjeva 91 (6th floor) Phone: +381 (0)11 668 72 17 Mobile: +381 (0)66 961 53 75 Email: Web:

Star Hostel Belgrade

Star Hostel Belgrade Address: Cara Uroša 37b Phone: +381 (0)11 218 41 04 Mobile: +381 (0)62 22 46 46 Email: Web:

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