Belgrade Days Celebrates City’s Rich History

The 16th Belgrade Days festival is due to start this Sunday. The festival is a great chance to celebrate Belgrade, to remember the city’s history and to spread joy and the spirit of tolerance towards other Belgraders.

A Belgrade monument depicting the handing over of the keys to the cityBelgrade Days will take place from Sunday 16 April to Wednesday 19 April and will include a variety of cultural and educational events across several locations in Belgrade. The organisers of this, the 16th Belgrade Days celebration, have announced an interesting program, comprising exhibitions, concerts and presentation of traditional awards to individuals and groups that have contributed to the capital’s development.

This year, the event will be held at the time of the important Christian holiday, Easter. The first day of the festival will start with a concert April u Beogradu (April in Belgrade), where some of Serbia’s most popular singers will perform their most famous songs about Belgrade. Visitors will be able to enjoy in two other concerts: one on 17 April by Serbian opera diva, Jadranka Jovanović, who will perform alongside famous opera singer, Oliver Njego, and the Beogradski solisti string orchestra. The second concert, on 18 April, will feature the Stanislav Binički Orchestra, which will perform with many others famous singers and actors.

The Belgrade Days festival also features an opening up the city’s cultural institutions, allowing the public to explore them. All of the city’s cultural institutions have adjusted their programmes to Belgrade Days.

One of the most interesting parts of the festival are guided tours with Serbian historian Ana Stolić. The tours will take place at six different locations around the Kalemegdan fortress and are designed as walking tours through different eras and stories about the most important moments in Belgrade’s history.

While the Belgrade Days festival is technically only four days long, related events will take place all month, leading up to International Jazz Day on 30 April, which many view as the true closing of the festival. A free concert will be held on Republic square.

A woodcut depicting the handing over of the keys to the city of BelgradeThe History of Belgrade Days

On 26 December 2002, the City of Belgrade Assembly decided to start marking the period between the two significant days in the history of the city – 16 to 19 April – as a celebration of the city.

The Slavic name Belgrade was mentioned for the first time in a written document (a letter from Pope John VIII to the Bulgarian Khan Boris I) on 16 April, AD 878.

On 19 April 1867, Belgrade was finally liberated from nearly 350 years of occupation, after the last Ottoman commander, Ali Riza Pasha, symbolically handed over the keys to the city to Prince Mihailo in Kalemegdan, and Belgrade once again became a Serbian town.

Awards of the city of Belgrade

The City of Belgrade Assembly has decided to use the occasion of the festival to issue awards to key individuals and groups, including the Award of the City of Belgrade and the Award of the City of Belgrade for Creative Youngsters.

The awards are presented to creators from fields such as literature and translation, theatre, film, radio and television, visual and applied arts, music, social sciences and humanities, natural and technical sciences, architecture and town planning, journalism, education, sports, as well as medicine and innovation.

The Award for Creative Youngsters is presented to pupils and students who particularly excel in their artistic and scientific work.
Join us in celebration of this true Belgrade holiday. Let’s all enjoy the cultural, educational and entertaining spectacle and celebrate the city we live in together.

Happy Easter and happy Belgrade Days!

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