Azbukum Centre for Serbian Language and Culture

Learning Serbian at Azbukum Belgrade

For those of us still learning or hoping to learn Serbian, Living in Belgrade has a real gem: Azbukum!

Azbukum, with offices in Belgrade and Novi Sad, is more than an ordinary Serbian language school. It is a real centre for Serbian language and culture with a rich programme of courses, excursions and activities.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn Serbian, whether you need a working knowledge of the language for work, whether you are living in Belgrade, are in a relationship with a Serbian speaker or are studying the language at university, Azbukum tailors its programmes to your needs.

Azbukum students in BelgradeThe centre was established in 1995 and has since helped thousands of people learn Serbian and become better acquainted with Serbian culture. During that time the Azbukum teaching team have honed their skills and used their experience to develop curricula, teaching materials and methods and fresh, flexible and customisable learning programmes. Particularly refreshing is the principle that perfection of these methods and materials is an ongoing process that is continually looking for new, learner-friendly solutions. The main result of these efforts is a number of unique components to the Azbukum approach to learning, so it is worth taking a quick look at these.

At the core of the Azbukum approach is a teaching method that is adapted to the needs of the learner. Individual and group language courses are organised throughout the year, catering to all levels of language proficiency (A1-C2), and timed so that teaching times are as convenient as possible. Learners go through an induction process designed to assess their initial language level to ensure that beginners receive the start they need and that realistic goals can be agreed upon and achieved throughout the duration of the course. The teaching materials used are tailored to each learner and the dynamic and engaging lessons are delivered by experienced teachers.

Azbukum Belgrade teaching materials

Azbukum’s range of teaching materials

Azbukum creates its own teaching and learning materials, some of which are used in Slavic studies and Serbian language courses around the world and the centre has carefully developed a scale for Serbian language ability. All materials and teaching programmes comply with the Common European Framework scale for language proficiency.

Another important component of the Azbukum approach goes beyond its rich programme

Azbukum's learning Serbian textbook

Azbukum’s own textbook

of Serbian language courses and this is the belief that language learning should go hand-in-hand with an introduction to the culture in which the language is embedded. To that end Azbukum organises a programme of excursions and social events that to help students interact with each other and the new culture in which they find themselves. Social events include things like theatre and film nights, dancing, singing and cooking.

The centre also offers a unique system of language evaluation for students who need certificates of Serbian language proficiency. Testing for certificates usually takes place over two days and is based on a system designed by Azbukum teaching staff.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, well-designed and adaptable way to begin learning Serbian, enriching your experience of Serbian culture and meeting new people in a friendly environment, then look no further, this is it!

Azbukum Centre for Serbian Language and Culture – Belgrade
Address: Milentija Popovića 6 (New Belgrade)
Phone: +381 (0)21 450 528

Azbukum Centre for Serbian Language and Culture – Novi Sad
Address: Dragiše Brašovana 18 (Novi Sad)
Phone: +381 (0)21 450 528

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