Art à Porter at Studio Stepenik

Visiting, living in or falling in love with a city can be frustrating. One of the frustrations you face is that you can’t take the unique smells, flavours and vibe of a city home with you. Or can you? Is art the answer?

One way to capture the feel of a city you love is through art. Buying a piece by a local artist or designer can help you to hold on to the atmosphere of a city forever. Luckily for us, Belgrade has inspired artists to create a treasure trove of atmospheric, charming, fun and, above all, authentic artwork that captures the city’s symbols, cityscape and feel.

Art work by Duško Paripović at Belgrade's Studio Stepenik

What is Art à Porter?

In the beginning, there was the idea. The idea was to make contemporary art by local artists available to a wider audience. The analogy to fashion’s prêt à porter was to use easygoing visual language and a variety of options for interior positioning to provide a user-friendly way to buy art.

Many prominent and talented artists contribute to Art à Porter collections and the number of artists participating is constantly rising. To begin with, there’s Duško Paripović, a prolific graphic designer. Don’t be fooled by his current Zurich address, Paripović is inspired by his hometown, the Serbian capital and some of his most recognisable work draws on motifs from Belgrade.

There’s also Bojana Lukić, who captures a homey, cosy atmosphere with her drawings of čokanjčići – those little Serbian bottles for rakija. Her collages and drawings of kitchenware help us to imagine and almost literally smell Serbian home cooking.

A painting of the National Assembly Building in BelgradediSTRUKTURA and Branislav Nikolić take us away from the familiar symbols or central Belgrade and whisk us to the socialist-era tower blocks of New Belgrade or the messy organic growth of the Kaluđerica suburb. Meanwhile, Nina Manić Jovanović brings a colourful, passionate new take on familiar landmarks, such as the National Assembly Building.

If you were wondering where you can buy or even find authentic local artwork such as this and more, look no further. Your first step should be to check out

Art à Porter has been thriving online for two years now and one of the future aims of the project is to eventually build the largest online base of high quality local art and design. After a somewhat nomadic lifestyle at various Belgrade concept stores, the project has now found a real-world, off-line home.

Studio Stepenik

Don’t be fooled by the name, Stepenik is more than just an art studio and gallery. It is also an educational centre and home to various creative projects. Its subtle atmosphere, light and spacious interior is perfect for events, presentations, meetings and occasional art gatherings. Stepenik is also a meeting point for an experienced and professional team supporting exchange of skills we all need today to make our everyday lives easier and more fun. You might be interested in some of the unique workshops on offer or, if you prefer, book a meeting for individual consultancy or coaching session.

Paintings by Bojana LukićAbove all, however, it is the go-to place for local artworks by a range of creators. Head to Studio Stepenik to browse art and chat with the curators.

While the website is still under construction, the actual Studio Stepenik is fully renovated and equipped and also available to rent for the day.

Studio Stepenik
Address: Bulevar Zorana Djindjića 84
Faceboook: Studio Stepenik
Instagram: @studiostepenik

Part of the space at Studio Stepenik in New Belgrade

Studio Stepenik

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