Are Serbs a Beautiful People? Myth Busted!

stories-about-belgrade-beautiful-serbian-girlsFor some reason, in preparation for my upcoming trip to Belgrade, I came across several sources in which comments were made about the unusually beautiful people in Belgrade.

The young women would be tall, gorgeous, and of model quality, they could grace the best runways in Milan or Paris, I heard.

Really? I was determined to find out if this was true, and if so, why?

I know many Serbian born people here in the US, and though some of them are beautiful, it has never jumped out at me that they were particularly more good-looking than the rest of us.

So after 1 month in Belgrade and countless hours of people watching, I have come to this conclusion:

Belgraders ARE more attractive than many Americans, however they aren’t inherently more beautiful. Genetically, I don’t think they are more attractive, or really that different from us actually.

And when you think of it, all Americans are immigrants at some point in their family tree, and we come from all over the world though mostly from Europe. So most of us with European descent, should look similar to Slavic people, at least to some degree.

I mean, what does an American look like anyway? What does a Serb look like? This is an unanswerable question…

So here is my consensus:
Belgraders are generally more attractive than your typical American, not because their people hit the genetic jackpot, or because they have some hidden pool of youth that all the women bathe in, no, it’s for 2 reasons specifically:

1) They weigh about 15 lbs less than the average American.
2) They are better dressed, more stylish, more put together than the average American

And when you have an entire society walking around where the average person is thinner and better dressed, they appear more attractive as a people.

And they are. Mystery Solved!

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