Another Belgrade Protest

Since Sunday’s presidential election, a spontaneous protest movement has emerged in Belgrade and another night of peaceful protest is planned for tonight.

So, whether you want to join in, avoid the place all together or just stay informed about the potential traffic jams, the protest will be at 6pm in front of the National Assembly Building (the Skupština).

The protest movement currently seems to have no leaders currently and has been organised by dissatisfied young people via social media. Last night’s gathering of large numbers of people seems to have been a spontaneous expression of dissatisfaction with ambiguous aims, such as the end to authoritarianism and corruption. Thus far, the demonstrators have managed to keep these gatherings peaceful (barring a few thrown eggs and bananas) and lets hope it stays that way.

Coming just days after a rather one-sided presidential election in which barely more than half of the electorate voted, this sudden movement seems to be a case of too little, too late for opponents of the current administration.

That said, dear reader, since thousands of people are expected to block streets in central Belgrade tonight and since you’re likely to wonder why, we thought we’d try to keep you informed.

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